About us
Esser Studio is a brand that specializes in lifestyle and ready-to-wear with its collections and Esser home and Esser clothing. Founded in 2017, by Marie-Christine Fortier, the studio attempts to turn around the ready-to-wear and overconsumption; with at its heart the primacy of responsible design.

Designer of clothing by training and decorative objects by the passion of pretty things, Marie-Christine's approach is essentially drawn around eco-design.

Wishing to challenge the ephemeral, she is interested in the concept of permanence and timelessness. Her vision is against what the current market offers, a garment that is outside the measure of time.

A slower, instinctive reflection that respects the design process before respecting a crazy schedule and a market characterized by an insatiable hunger for novelty. The studio questions the process of each product marketed, its impact, its lifespan and also its post-consumption.

The name Esser translates into the sound of the letters S + R (Segment - Reduced)

For the love of line work, the segment is the creative stroke. It is said of a part distinct from others, though continuous with it.

The verb reduce is interwoven into the studio's dna, as it relates to the company's goal of promoting the minimization of its negative environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of the objects it markets.

At Esser, the love of the garment is reflected in the sensitivity of the details of its manufacture and the quality of its materials.

Reflection is required throughout the life cycle of the object. Thus will be our mission and our reason for being.